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We’re a go-to-market hub for Startups and Scaleups, and the home for the Creative Industries. Currently housing approx 200+ creative souls, representing a wide spread of companies providing creative tech combined with diligent creativity and strategic innovation.

Our members are talented & ambitious entrepreneurs, startups & companies within the Creative Industries and CreativeTech. Providing our Community the perfect combination of expertise within going to market, commercialization and scaling – along with the inspiring, creative and innovative startup mindset. Hatch new ideas & meet bright, like-minded people to get your acceleration going.

We focus on startups and scaleups going to market, as well as companies representing the Creative Industries. That is, business based on the production of creative and cultural expressions such as architecture, computer games, design, film, literature, music, advertising, media, television and radio, visual arts and performing arts.

Alpakka Grande

Digital Advertising Agency


Content production studio

AW Magazine

Magazine focusing on entrepreneurship, economy, sustainability and business

Beckman Consulting

Fashion Consulting

Bering Travel

Danish travel agency with good customer experience as focal point


A digital computer room design to make a due diligence process smoother

C MORE 360

3D-Scanning & Photography

Ish Studio

Webflow development service, for agencies

Elv AS


Fauna Eco

Green Benefit Program


Interactive design and content production


Communication Agency

Globus Ai

Candidate Placement for Healthcare Staffing Agencies


Branding Consultant Agency


Freelance photographer with a passion within art photography


IT consultant


Lead Engaging App

Koie Ramen



Creative Identity and Webdesign

Lisa Wade

Leadership and Organizational Development

Litium AB

Litium is a scalable e-commerce platform for companies aspiring to online excellence

Maestro Creative Communication

Communication Agency


Advertising and video marketing

Online Health AS

Online Lifechange Coaching

Michael Tegos Content Services

Content & Communications Manager

Motto Motto

Japanese Courses

Natural Selections

Organic & Biodynamic Wine


Digital Agency & Platform


The app that gives you a complete overview of your finances.


Digital platform for the production and sale of literature


Employ offers full-fledge employment, with all the benefits it entails. Safer and more favorable than running a sole proprietorship or your own AS.

Nordic Vagabonds

Event Planning


DeepTech specialized in Intuitive Interaction Systems

Siobhan Beasley Photography

Fine art, fashion and commercial photographer

Palett Food

Food production and healthy meals



Sustainability Investing

Renaud Permezel

Intellectual Property, Brand Protection, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights Protection,  Data Protection


Red Rover Interactive

Game development studio


SmartOrg provides co-owners, teams and associations with simple solutions for operation, administration,
finance and practical board work


Online gallery and print lab


Communications Agency, working with Branding, Advertising and Design


Testhub Technologies

Tools to increase diversity and minimize the effect of unconscious bias in recruitment.


Design and Entrepreneurship

Under the Influence

Influencer Marketing, Social Media


Location Service

Tvinn Solutions

Digital tools for design with reused building materials

Immerce optics

Immerse Optics aims to give people sensational experiences using its patented lens technology

Step one

Step One is a web development and consultancy firm

Thanks Ben

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