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Norway is on the right track, with an increasing number of growth companies emerging, but we need a higher pace for us to be competitive. When it comes to accelerating your company, we’re here to help you make it happen. Register today.

Make Happen is a digital go-to-market program for ambitious startups, supported by Innovation Norway and Oslo Kommune. We want to fuel your business with relevant tools, practical advice and real life experiences, so that you can succeed with your own market introduction.

Make Branding Happen

  • Learn how to build a brand
  • Create a brand platform
  • Learn how to stretch your brand with brand architecture
  • Develop your company name and identity
  • Learn how to use design as a tool to develop your brand

Make Sales Happen

  • Sketch out your revenue streams
  • Connect your product with your target group
  • Build & scale your sales organisation
  • Accelerate sales into the international market
  • Learn how to make marketing driven sales acceleration
  • Generate opportunities to grow your business
  • Get the sales revenue going

Make Communication Happen

  • Create a strong and powerful messaging
  • Get to know your customer and their customer journey
  • Learn how you engage your target audience
  • Get going with communication strategy

Make Digital Marketing Happen

  • To build a digital marketing strategy
  • Target the right people, at the right time with the right message
  • Understand your market
  • Make a competitor audit
  • Create a channel and content strategy
  • Understand different channels
  • Developing the right content
  • Tracking of your digital marketing activities

Make Culture Happen

  • What leadership is
  • How to develop an organization 
  • Build the right culture to create value
  • Define your employer journey
  • What are the most important artifacts in your culture

Make Customer Insight Happen

  • Understand the importance of having insight to your customer’s needs and behaviors
  • Learn how to gather the insight you need to create a better product or service
  • Get useful tools to validate your products 
  • Create customer personas
  • Design experiment
  • Get out of the comfort zone in this phase

What our previous participants say:

Irene, eMotion Group

Extremely knowledgeable speakers – being a startup with a tight budget, this was exactly what we needed.
A comprehensive subject where they have really managed to communicate the essence of it, so that it becomes accessible and understandable to startups.

Christian, Masterchannel

Make Happen was our first accelerator as a company and it was really great the way we were challenged by the different mentors. I recommend this for any start-up wanting to get a better overview of how to test their market fit and how to think of branding and sales.

Meet our keynote speakers & mentors:

Anniken Fjelberg


Lars Johan Bjørkevoll


Maria Willoch


Joachim Levin


Rik Cartigny


Maiken Michelsen


Make Happen is developed as an online learning platform – customized for ambitious startups with no time to lose. Therefore, we’ve made all content available online, so that you can choose the most suitable slots for your company to get going with communication strategy, branding and sales.

Price: 19.900,- ex. VAT

Questions? Register through the link below and we’ll get in touch to give you more information about the program.

Our partners contributing are:


With strategy and creativity as drivers, we ensure clear direction and speed in a world of new opportunities. We identify new possibilities and help you build a more profitable business model tailored to your market. Everything to give your company or brand direction and speed.


Everything starts with who you are. Providing facilitation, counselling and project lead within strategy development and implementation. The processes we’re involved with are broad, and include brand development, positioning and communication. Our list of clients range from established companies to entrepreneurs.


ScaleupXQ is an initiative to strengthen international tech companies ripe for commercial scaling and growth.

We operate in the space between strategy and operations, with a tactical and experienced-based approach to scaling up sales within businesses.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway contributes to sustainable growth and export for Norwegian industry through capital and expertise, and has supported 657 Oslo and our initiatives to help entrepreneurs scale and commercialize their businesses.

Oslo Kommune

Through their Innovation Program, the City of Oslo has allocated funds to several of 657 Oslo’s projects, with the aim of helping to solve the most important business policy challenges for Oslo.