Fundraising for Startups – Creative Industries

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A two month program to help your startup become fundraising ready, tailored for startups within the Creative Industries.

The program is delivered by 657 Oslo and Startup Norway, and is a part of the Ministry of Culture’s assignment to Innovation Norway.

Applications for Fundraising for Startups – Creative Industries Edition are now open. Application deadline is 23rd January 2023 at 11:00. The program is free of charge, covered by Innovation Norway.

What is it?

Fundraising for Startups is a program for early stage companies in Norway that has the ambition to grow through fundraising, and expand their business. This program will help you become fundraising ready by preparing you to successfully go through investor meetings and the due diligence process. Thereby developing your skills as a founder and prepare your company for growth.

What will you get?

Investment terms and deal-making

Learn investment terminology, startup valuation methodologies, the common investment deals and the art of closing a round.

Growth Planning and Metrics

Identify the relevant metrics for your company. Set growth goals and establish processes to measure progress.

Due diligence and risk assessment

Identify and improve the relevant documents to provide to investors and build your due diligence data room. Assess the risk of your company and set up a risk mitigation plan.


Get access to frameworks of valuable content, best practices and startup tools.


Connect with our network of founders, experienced investors, and community leaders both national and internationally.

Financials and Fundraising

Test and validate the scalability of your business model. Build a financial model and identify your funding needs. Select the best funding source for your company and develop a fundraising plan.

Who can join?

1) Innovative early-stage startups, 2) Within the Creative Industries, 3) Registered in Norway, 4) Planning to raise capital, 5) With a dedicated team, 6) With a prototype or MVP

The Creative Industries refers to the following sub sectors…

1) Architecture, 2) Design & fashion, 3) Visual arts, 4) Performing arts, 5) Music, 6) Film, 7) Computer games, 8) Books, 9) Media and 10) Advertising

Preliminary agenda for 2023

Session 1

February 14th

  • Investor presentation
  • Due diligence process
  • Risk assessment

Session 2

February 28th

  • Financial plan
  • KPIs & performance

Session 3

March 14th

  • Product & IP strategy
  • Funding sources

Session 4

March 28th

  • Investment deals
  • Team & operations

Session 5

April 11th

  • Traction
  • Mentoring

What our previous participants say…


Anette Dimmen

“The program provides a fantastic introduction to what it means to build a growth company. In addition to a pleasant time with other entrepreneurs and skilled advisers. I think the program was a great introduction to the startup journey and the Norwegian ecosystem for startups.”


Christian Ruud

“My advice: Sign up for everything that is, read everything you come across, be open to input, be humble and honest, have coverage for what you present, embrace change, ask people you know (and don’t know) for help.”


Miguel Silva

“We had already validated our idea with the help of a market clarification grant from Innovation Norway and then had to obtain the necessary funds to build an MVP. The Fundraising for Startups program helped us understand how to fundraise and helped us with valuable introductions to investors. Early-stage fundraising is a task that is best done locally, and Startup Norway has the best connections to the environment for angel investors.”


Christian von Hanno

“For us, raising capital from professional investors was a fairly unknown universe, so the program was therefore “spot on” for us. FFS gave us a much better understanding of the various processes we had to go through, and what investors usually looked for. It was also very exciting and educational to hear other startups and speakers share their own stories, experiences and advice. At the same time, we were introduced to several useful tools, templates and checklists, which we have enjoyed a lot in retrospect.”

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