Creative Tech Hunt

Buckle up & save the date! This years Creative Tech Hunt is fueled by 657 Oslo & Innovasjon Norge, in collaboration with InnovationDock, Bergen.Works & Work-Work

Congratulations to Songpark!

This fall we’ve been searching high and low to find yet another promising CreativeTech Startup in Norway. Together with Innovation Dock in Stavanger, Work-Work in Trondheim and Bergen.Works in Bergen, we’ve met a variety of exciting CreativeTech companies that are embracing technology, to advance the fields of gaming, music, publishing, marketing & advertising, TV, film, photography, architecture, design, fashion, and the arts. Creative Tech Hunt’s mission is to empower Norwegian entrepreneurs by connecting them to corporates, investors, the startup ecosystem, and the community.

Kimberly Larsen


Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of IndyRIOT and timetoRIOT. She has extensive experience in building and scaling marketplaces, as well as across the full spectrum of the media industry, behind and in front of the camera. It is her outgoing personality, and talent for thinking quickly and outside the box that make her a natural choice for being our host at Creative Tech Hunt 2020.

Anniken Fjelberg

Jury leader

In 2012, Anniken co-founded 657 Oslo. Her background is from design, marketing and management, and she is a serial entrepreneur. Through her work at 657 Oslo and for the Norwegian startup eco-system, she has become a passionate mentor for entrepreneurs, startups, and students. She is angel investor and works actively in advisory boards and as board member.

How it all went down

On November 25th, 6-8 startups was invited to coupling events in Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim and Bergen. Here, the startups got the opportunity to pitch their company and speed-date people that can help their startup accelerate. Top three companies from each city, was then forwarded to our live show the day after, and they were all in the fight to be named the most promising CreativeTech Startup 2020.

Throwback to Creative Tech Hunt 2019