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These Dutch homes will be printed

These futuristic buildings will be built using a printer. Does it mean the future of construction is here?

It has been a few years since the first 3D-printed building. These homes built in dutch Eindhoven, however, are the first in which people will actually be living, reports The Guardian.

Remember Babar? Whether ‘organic’ or ‘futuristic’, people seem eager to live in these 3D printed homes.

The construction method has some advantages. 3D printing is more environmentally sensitive and cheaper than conventional building methods, according to the developer. It also solves the Dutch lack of masons. 

The actual printer is a large robotic arm dispensing specially made sement, which is laid out one layer at a time according to the architectural drawings.

“This is innovation. And the houses have a very futuristic design,” says Rudy van Gurp to The Guardian. He is CEO of construction company Van Wijnen, and leads the project along with The Technological in Eindhoven. 

“But we are already looking ahead, making it possible for people to design their own homes and print them. People can tailor design their homes, personalize them and make them more aesthetically pleasing.”

The Dutch are ready to ove in. Van Gurp says 20 families applied to live in the first house in just the first week.

In the first four houses, only outer and inner walls will be printed. In the fifth house drainage pipes and other installations will be printed also. The house foundation will be built using conventional methods. Van Gurp thinks the construction technique will become fairly ordinary in just five years:

“I believe about 5 percent of buildings will be built using a 3D printer. We have a great lack of masons and bricklayers, and this technology offers a solution.”

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