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Collaboration is the new competition, and we always look for new partners to create more value for the ecosystem. We are proud of our collaboration with Coworking Spaces across the country. This partnership allows members of one space to use another for free for 1-5 working days per month.

National collaboration

Innovation Dock


Where people meet and ideas merge. Inspired by the empowering nature the participatory culture, Innovation Dock is building a more sustainable future.



Innovation in the heart of the city. At Bergen.Works there’s always room for more people who need a place in a work community to realize their dreams and ideas.



Play hard. Work. Work-Work is a merge between a co-working space and a bar to promote and inspire game development and technology enthusiasm.

Part of Coworking Norge

As a member of one of the Coworking Spaces in the Coworking Norway network, you have free access to flexible spaces for up to 5 days per month (with a few exceptions).To book a place at another Coworking Space, send an e-mail to the desired space, stating the date(s) of your visit and a confirmation stating that you’re a member of one of the members in Coworking Norway. Check out the map and start coworking on a national level!

International Collaboration

657 Oslo is part of theĀ worldwide coworking visa program. There are more than 450 participating spaces worldwide and the list continues to grow. The Coworking Visa allows our active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for 1-3 days.