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Make Happen is a hybrid learning platform for ambitious startups. We want to fuel your business with relevant tools and practical advice based on real life experience, so you can succeed with your own market introduction. In collaboration with skilled contributors & partners, 657 Oslo now gives you Make Happen. The pilot is now filled up with exciting companies, but you’re welcome to sign up for our first open round, happening this fall.

Below you’ll find the so far planned modules for the learningplatform, where the pilot deals with a selection of these. The process will be designed with follow-up sessions by skilled mentors for each company, and hopefully we’ll be able to conduct some physical sessions, too.

  • Segmentation and market insight
  • Positioning
  • Identity development and branding
  • Influence and the Cialdini method
  • Customer journey and customer understanding
  • Communication strategy
  • Channel selection and strategy
  • Employer labeling
  • Product and revenue streams
  • How to create traction?
  • Organization and management
  • How to build an operational sales team

The pilot will be tailored as a hybrid and designed for digital participation, made available to you through Thinkific.

Our partners for the pilot are:


Brand and marketing consultancy that adds value from day one, helping your business compete at a higher level. We have experience from top management and strategic marketing in world class organisations. We have ‘made it happen’ again and again.


With strategy and creativity as drivers, we ensure clear direction and speed in a world of new opportunities. We identify new possibilities and help you build a more profitable business model tailored to your market. Everything to give your company or brand direction and speed.


Everything starts with who you are. Providing facilitation, counselling and project lead within strategy development and implementation. The processes we’re involved with are broad, and include brand development, positioning and communication. Our list of clients range from established companies to entrepreneurs.


ScaleupXQ is an initiative to strengthen international tech companies ripe for commercial scaling and growth.

We operate in the space between strategy and operations, with a tactical and experienced-based approach to scaling up sales within businesses.