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A Creative, Collaborative Community is something we always have, and always will, focus on. Every year we host numerous events for our members and our ecosystem, with the aim of facilitating more collaborations and relations. As a member of 657, you’re invited to all of our closed and open events.

Our passion is to create a basis for creativity, solutions and new collaborations between different players in the ecosystem. We want to bring together leading organisations, experts, creators, artists and innovators with events that highlight what is new – and what triggers new relations and debates. All this with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of CreativeTech for sustainable growth.

Internal Events

We arrange a number of events for members only, including Breakfast Club, Pitch & Lunch, Afterwork, Creative Hangouts and our famous Cava Lottery – every Friday, pandemic or no pandemic.

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Creative Hangouts

Our network is booming with skilled mentors, serial entrepreneurs and investors – and we want you all to meet!

Therefore, we initiate quarterly Creative Hangouts – where a selection of CreativeTech companies are invited to pitch their idea, product or service.

The aim is to increase access to risk capital and new investors for startups, and couple promising CreativeTech startups with skilled mentors and experts.

Interested? Whether you’re a startup or an investor – sign up below and we’ll be in touch.

Pitch & Lunch Open

Sharing is caring! Every quarter we invite the startup system to join us for lunch and mingling – accompanied with professional input by one of our founders, friends or alumni.

Topics will vary from branding, communication strategy, digital marketing, funding, sustainability, technology and more.

Interested? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an expert of any kind – sign up below and we’ll be in touch.

Partner Events

Corporate, investor, hub or international company looking for new opportunities?

Our house is filled with exciting and promising startups & scaleups – and our members have broad expertise across a wide range of disciplines, and are important to our community.

We believe collaboration is the new competition, and we’re always looking for new and exciting partners who will take part in the development of 657 and our concepts.

Let us know who you are & we’ll be in touch.