Creative Tech Hunt 2020

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Finding the most promising CreativeTech Startup in Norway!

@ 657 Oslo, Innovation Dock, Work-Work and Bergen.Works
November 25-26

Are you ready to take your ideas further?

We are in search of the most promising CreativeTech startups in Norway! The companies that are embracing technology, to advance the fields of gaming, music, publishing, marketing & advertising, TV, film, photography, architecture, design, fashion, and the arts. Creative Tech Hunt’s mission is to empower Norwegian entrepreneurs by connecting them to corporates, investors, the startup ecosystem, and the community. 657 Oslo will take the CreativeTech industry on a digital multi-city tour to find the brightest and best startups! Bring your ideas to Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger or Oslo. Are you ready to gather your team and compete to win “Norway’s most promising Creative Tech Startup 2020”?!

Throwback to Creative Tech Hunt 2019